Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Easter Weekend Fun!!


The day before Easter we went to the park and Delaney and Baylee got up in the monkey bars and just needed a picture. Delaney and Baylee are two crazy monkeys.All four kiddies in Easter outfits
The whole family in our Easter outfits. We had a blast.

Julianne Hough!!!

Okay so a couple weeks late on this one but we got to go to the Julianne Hough concert on April 3rd. It was so fun. Delaney got to sing with her for a little bit. She said it was so fun! We had an awesome time with the whole family.(yes. even Bosti) The next night she was in Vegas and won the top new artist award. Yay!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hello There!!!

This post will only be on for a couple of days I will update on Monday or Tuesday for Easter. We get to go up north to see my mom's parents and her brothers. One of her brothers lives in Oregon and we get to see him and his family. We are so excited (well at least I am).Sorry for such short posts lately. Oh well! At least they're posts. See Ya!!!