Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween Day

Halloween started off bright and early with the elementary school parade at 9:30am. Since Halloween was on a Friday and the kids have early out on Friday, it pushed everything up a few hours. This is Cooper during the parade. The kids just parade in and out of all the classrooms in the school and then end up back in their classroom.
After the parade, I went and did the party in Delaney's classroom. I now understand why my friends that are teachers despise Halloween. There was a kid that puked in Delaney's classroom and then proceeded to stay the rest of the day with HIS MOTHER RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Is it just me or is that a little odd. Take him home for goodness sakes. Then one of those lovely masks that shoot blood down through them leaked all over the carpet in her classroom. Poor Mr. Antonio, the janitor was working OT in Delaney's classroom that day. Here she is during one of the games being transformed into the cutest mummy ever.
Here are all of my little goblins. McKenzie was the sassy little witch which we hope is not foreshadowing her teenage years because she is still the sweetest girl. Delaney was Tiger Lily from Peter Pan but everyone thought she was Pocahontas. And of course the only costumes we can get the boys to wear are some sort of athletic wear which is fine with me now. A few years ago this was not acceptable to a mother who liked to orchestrate a themed Halloween for her little ones. After Cooper spent a Halloween hiding in the bushes all night because I made him dress up like Captian Hook, I vowed never to ruin another Halloween for him again.

Our ward did a Trunk-or-Treat that night at the church. It was the first time we have done that and I had a few mixed feelings about it. I am all about a ward activity but I don't know that I liked it the actual night of Halloween. The kids had a great time so I guess that is all that matters. Grandpa Billy had come down to golf with some friends so he was able to come and hang out with us for the party as well. Later on that night while the girls were out trick-or-treating, Grandpa took Coop over to one of the haunted houses in the neighborhood. Coop was scared out of his mind but glad Grandpa was there to protect him. We don't raise the bravest of kids around our house. Boston has never been so excited for a holiday season to pass. He can now run errands peacefully with me without being scared and terrified of all the scary decor.

The Tradition Lives On

Throughout my childhood years my cute mom started the tradition of making sugar cookies not just for Halloween but for every holiday you could find a cookie cutter for. Without fail whenever Valentine's, St. Paddy's, Easter, Halloween, etc. came around mom was stirring up a batch of sugar cookies for all of us chickadees. It doesn't hurt that she makes the absolute BEST sugar cookie around. The recipe is a single batch but mom always five, yes you read that right, FIVE timesed(is that a word?)the batch. And believe it or not it probably only took a few hours for us to devour every last crumb of those cookies. I'd like to blame that on my four bros but unfortunately my sis and I held our own with the sweets. So in keeping with Bodily tradition the week before Halloween the kids and I destroyed the kitchen and made sugar cookies-but we only tripled the recipe. My only regret is that I didn't take a picture of all the works of art that were created. The kids did a great job and we had so much fun!

Carving Pumpkins

The Sunday before Halloween we had the kids carve their pumpkins but realized later that it was probably a little too soon because by the time Halloween came on Friday the pumpkins were a little moldy already. Here is Wader helping Delaney scrape the gunk out of her pumpkin and Kenzie taking care of business with hers.
Coop sporting his way over-grown chia pet hairdo and the pattern of what he wants his big guy to look like.

Scott helping Kenz carve her pattern. He was not thrilled with my "patterns" that I picked up for the kids. He wanted to know where the good ole days of yester year had gone when you just hand the kid a knfe and let them start cutting out a scary face. He was a good sport to humor us throught the process.

Here are the finished products! Kenzie's is on the left and is supposed to be the werewolves. Cooper's is in the middle with the cross bones and skull and Delaney's is on the right with the singing ghosts.

Cooper and Delaney ended up taking theirs to school for the pumpkin carving contest at school and Cooper won second place for his. I am not sure that was honest seeing as how Scott and I had to do most of the work!

Family Night at Staheli Farm

A few weeks ago we went over to Staheli Farms for Family Night and had a riot. The kids thought it was the greatest. It is a good thing we live in a little small town community because when our kids get out like that, there is no way to contain them and keep them right by our side. The boys were in heaven running from one activity to the other. Boston of course couldn't believe his eyes when he found a real live "Wilbur" that kept snorting at us everytime we poked him. Can you blame him?
Here's Delaney petting the cute little ponies.

Each of the kids took a turn on these fun swings made out of tires. They were perfect for Delaney and Cooper but we decided McKenzie might be a little too old for them since her feet were dragging the entire tire she was on it. Then it was Boston's turn and he scared us all to death because we thought he was going to fly off the thing as Scott was prompting him to go one handed for the eight second count.

Look at all those cute little booties!

We finished off the night by going on a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch and running through the corn maze.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Can't Get Out of Bed!!

This wednesday I had my tonsils out and have been in bed for the past five days. I am recovering well and doing a lot better than I was five days ago. I haven't been able to eat a lot because I am just not hungry and haven't been able to live with the pain of swallowing food. I should be able to eat normally in the next one or two days and will be able to walk around and not be in bed all of the time. I have enjoyed being able to eat a lot of ice cream and popsicles. I haven't enjoyed the medicine that I have to take every four hours. I am exited to hopefully not get so sick anymore. When they took me into the surgery room I got a little scared because they were wrapping me in all of these blankets and I couldn't move around at all. I felt like I was going to burst at any second but then I fell right to sleep. The surgery went beautifully and I was talking and moving around fine until the scabs came. Then I just layed down and have been out of commission for the last few days. It still hurts my throat to talk and eat but am on the mend.

Hiking in Snow Canyon

We live in such a beautiful area and are so blessed with the surroundings. Yesterday we went on a short hike through Snow Canyon. Kenzie stayed home as she wasn't feeling well due to her tonsils being violently removed by a pack of wild rats in the middle of the night. She really did great though and we are so proud of her.

Boston thought it was so funny to do a head first slide into the sand on the trail thinking the red dirt looked exactly like the red dirt on a baseball diamond. We hiked for about 30 minutes and then found a fun rock to climb up. Of course the boys took off running up the rock and the girls slowly made their way behind. We decided to stop for a moment and enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as some shade. The boys weren't quite satisfied with the view so they decided to hike up a little further and get shelter in one of the little caves. It scared me to death to watch Cooper and Boston sit on the sides of Scott with large drop offs on each side. After a while we decided to make our way down the rock back to the trail. Scott and Boston came down first with Cooper following behind. I saw Cooper wanting to run and then he took off running down the rock. You probably know what happened next, he tripped on the rock and rolled four times before he stopped. There was nothing I could do at the bottom but hope he didn't run into Boston and Scott and knock thier footing out from under them. My heart dropped and I said *%@# Cooper, what were you thinking. Luckily, I do the laundry at our house so nobody but myself will know exactly how scared I was to see Coop fall.

Scott and I capped off the night with a little date by hitting our favorite salad bar in town(Pizza Factory) and said hi to the man himself Bill Randall before catching the movie"The Secret Life of Bees." It was a great movie and I admit, I did get a little emotional during the movie partly because of the plot and partly because they ran out of butter for the popcorn and nacho cheese for snacks.

Today Delaney and Scott sang in sacrament meeting. One of the sisters in our ward called Scott and asked him to put together a men's quartet and he decided that singing with Delaney would be a nice change. I was so proud of Delaney and thought she would be very nervous but she did a fantastic job of hitting all the notes and had a big smile on her face the whole time she sang.

Sure is fun being a mom these days and I look forward to doing my job everyday. I really do have the best job in town!

***As many of you know, this blog was first started as Scott impersonating me and writing posts as if he were me. It looks like he is at it again!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

#5 and Still Alive

So last Saturday I finished my fifth St. George marathon and just like all of the previous marathons, I thought that was the stupidiest thing I've ever done. I'll never ever do that again as long as I live. This time I didn't say it, I just thought it. When we started the race it was drizzling a little bit but it was fairly warm compared to years past. I didn't think it was going to be so bad once the rain stopped. Well the rain never stopped and at times got worse. It poured on us and the wind blew making our already wet bodies so cold. Needless to say the rain never did let up but for some reason my body did not mind. It was the best my legs had ever felt. I never had to take my ibuprofin or excedrin and didn't have to get the icy hot rub down at mile 18 that I always count on. I think because it was so frigid that my legs were numb and couldn't feel any of the normal pain associated with the run. I have always known there wasn't a chance in he** that I could ever qualify for Boston like all of my other running chicas, but i have always wanted to beat the 4-hour mark. I do not run with a watch or garmin so i didn't know exactly how I was doing until I turned down the one street and saw the clock that sadi 3:53. I had seven minutes to get my sorry wet butt to the finish line. I usually like the turn my music off the last few miles and listen to all the people in town cheering us on, but I had to dig deep. So I turned my ipod back on and pumped up the volume and took off. When I crossed the finish line it was 4:00:47. My chip time ended up being 3:59:37. I finally did it. I was wet, cold, sore and miserable but I had finally accomplished my goal. So now, once again let me say, I hope I never do that again! Whatever!!!

Can You Find a Rat in This Thing?

So on a Monday night about three weeks ago I was playing with my hair and brushing through it with my mom's brush and I rolled a little (big) section up thinking that it would be no big deal. I rolled it up and couldn't get it out. I started to cry because my dad was going to cut the piece out. I started to cry because I had worked so hard to grow it out again and it would be one inch long after he cut it. My mom worked so hard to get it out with her comb. It had a long tail on it that broke off in all the tangled mess. Well an hour and a half later my mom finally got it out. I was so happy when she dropped the brush in my lap and said you're welcome.

Looking Fine While Turning Nine!!

Here we go trying to play catch up! Miss Delaney turned nine on September 20 and did it in total "D-Train" fashion as Scott would say. She originally wanted to invite all of her friends over and personally give them each a manicure but considering that it takes her 45 minutes to do my nails, which she does a fabulous job at, we decided to go another route and go to the Hair School. Her and her friends went and got up-dos and manicures and then went out to lunch together. They looked absolutely darling and I forgot to get a whole group shot like a dingy mother.

We are so grateful for this little girl that constantly keeps us laughing. She runs on her own time and Scott always says everyone should get to join Delaney's World at some time in their lives. She is creative, artistic, and sweet-but has lots of sassiness! She can steal your heart with just one little smile when she flashes you those dimples. We love her to pieces!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Best Buddies

So the other day as Boston and I were walking through TJMaxx as we often do, Boston spotted a wonderful treasure upon the self that he wanted. I often wander through the store with lots of random items knowing that I will put them away when we are finished but for the time they are keeping my child quiet. So without a thought, I hand Boston the little pig he requested and continue on with my shopping. He starts calling the pig, Wilbur, which he picked up from Charlotte's Web. He is having full blown conversations with his new friend when I hear him say,"You want to come to Bosty's house, Wilbur? You want to come play at my house?" I knew at that very moment that I was too big of a sucker and would end up taking home Wilbur. He has hauled Wilbur around with him for days, setting him on the counter to eat cereal, reading him stories, and making a bed for him. I am so glad that Wilbur joined our family so that we don't have to get that puppy the kids have been begging for now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Benny's Boots

Boston has recently got new shoes. He has his little movie obsessions and one of his latest has been Sandlot. He loves Benny's shoes and so we went out and got him some. He hasn't wanted to wear any other shoes since. When Cooper was this age he went through the exact same phase. He went through a few pair of "Benny's boots" as they both affectionately refer to them as. Boston and Cooper are definitely brothers and share the same obsessions in life.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beauty Takes Pain!

Delaney has been counting down the days all summer when she would be able to go get her ears pierced. We told the girls when they were younger they had to wait until their ninth birthday to get their ears pierced. Well, when McKenzie was approaching age nine she convinced her Dad to let her get hers done six weeks before her birthday so she could change out her earrings on her birthday. So following in her footsteps, Delaney counted back six weeks from her ninth birthday and here we are. Delaney and her friend Tess decided to go together since they were both a little scared to say the least. Tess went first but it didn't help ease Delaney anxiety obviously from her reaction. In the end they were tough and endured the pain for the beauty of their cute little pink flower earrings!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First day of school

Yesterday was our first day of school. I go to Tonaquint and Delaney and Cooper go to Heritatige Elemantary. I got up at 6:00 and made pancakes and saved the leftovers for Delaney and Cooper. I went to our neighbors house and jumped their fence to go to the bus stop. Delaney got up at 7:30 got ready practiced piano and then her and Cooper left for school at about 8:45. Here are some pictures of us on the first day of school. We had to do mine at home because I ride the bus.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A new cousin!

On Sunday a new cousin, Kaden Robert Bodily, was born. He was 9 lbs., 20 inches long and as cute as can be. He had plenty of black hair. We walked into the hospital and Cooper said hospitals make me nervous. While we were walking down the hallway Boston said Bud where are you? We walked into the hospital room and Boston would not get close to the baby, but on Monday he got on the bed and held Kaden. We are so excited little Kaden made it safely here and are grateful for the new addition to our family.
**McKenzie has decided to take matters into her own hands and has learned how to update our blog since her mother neglets the task. She will do a fabulous job at keeping everyone informed on our happenings!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finally an update

Kenzie and Delaney got back from Spanish Fork yesterday. They were hanging out with Scott's Mom, Dad, and sister Emily. The girls were able to stay the first night at Emily's apartment in Provo. That is always a fun adventure. They were able to hike up Bridal Viel Falls, go on the ski lift at Sundance, go and see Kung Fu Panda, help paint a little wooden play kitchen, and ride Uncle Mark's horse. They had a blast! They were able to catch a ride down to St. George with Rowene and Billy's neighbor Jodi and her friend Lori.