Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is It Spring?

The sprouts.
The buds.
Yes these have been in our yard for about a month but I couldn't find time to post.
We are hoping they just keep coming and hope the sun comes too!
Until then I guess we can still enjoy our pants instead of shorts!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tribute to Annette and the Kids

I figured it's my turn(Scott) to post for once and so here goes a post dedicated to the ones that I love more than any other:

Annette: Love to get a mid morning text or phone call from her. Whenever I see her name come across my phone it still makes my heart skip a beat and I love to hear her friendly and happy voice on the other end. Love it when she leaves messages as well. Great smile, fantastic laugh, beautiful face, and best friend. Great travel partner even if it's just to the grocery store to pick up some eggs and milk late at night. I'm so excited to see the tulips bloom that she planted last fall.

McKenzie: The one who really keeps this blog a float. Great smile and awesome personality. She is such a disciplined girl and I love it when we get to spend one on one time together especially early in the morning like this morning when we stopped by Crisp's to pick up a pie so she could get a little extra credit in class(like she needs extra credit). Love that she is so responsible and I'm so excited to see her play the Fairy Godmother in the play this Spring.

Delaney: Her name says it all. Great smile and a wonderful friend to so many. Good listener and I loved the way she listened to her sister Kenz as she told us about an interesting experience she had at school last week. I learned a lot about the great friendship that our daughters have and learned even more about how they aspire to be like their mom someday. Thank goodness Annette is such a good one. Love the way Delaney gets along with so many different types of people.

Cooper: Energetic and hard to keep up with. Wade says he's the king of "one more." Whether it be a fly ball, basketball shot, grounders, or some swings at practice he loves to get in just one more rep. We were at Fabulous Freddy's last week in St. George and I couldn't pry his hands off the March madness hoop set up around the Pepsi cans. Loves to play games and worked hard to earn some money to buy the New Super Mario game. So fun to coach him and see him develop in sports and in school.

Boston: He loves pre-school and is so excited every Tuesday and Thursday when he gets to go to school with his buddy Canyon. Loves to wear his Boston Red Sox jersey and his David shoes from Sandlot II. Comes up with some of the greatest one liners in four year old history. Latest is during family council dad said he was flying to Vegas to do some work and Boston said "You can't fly to Vegas dad you don't have wings." Annette said he's definetely not a Vest child from the SkyWest travel era. Has great dimples when he smiles and loves to play like he's an animal.

Simply said, it's a pleasure to have such a fun family and I love being a husband and dad. As our buddy Kenny Chesney says "Don't Blink". Enjoy every minute and don't forget to learn from yesterday, LIVE for today, and look forward to tomorrow.