Monday, August 27, 2007


By the way, I love to run. I do it more for the social aspect of being able to chat with friends while we get some good exercise. This year I will run my 4th marathon. Who would have thought I would turn into a marathon runner. Anyway, it should be fun and I just wanted to publicly acknowledge my husband(Scott) for supporting me and being my knight in shining armor along the way. You are the best Scott, I love you! May we all find a passion in our life and pursue it!

Sunny St. George

I'm new at this so here goes. I love reading everyone else's blogs and have made it a tradition to read them every Sunday and Monday night. I decided to start a blog to hopefully keep in touch with many of you throughout the country. We live in St. George, Utah and really love it. We have had a wonderful summer filled with tons of travel throughout the Western States. We are a family of six now which at times is real hard to believe considering Scott and I feel like we fell in love in the cafeteria at UVSC just a short while ago. Funny how life has a way of getting way crazy and fast paced. Our family consists of Scott and I, McKenzie (10), Delaney (7), Cooper (5) and Boston (1). Wow, it's so fun being their mom and learning from each one of them everyday! We are just getting back into the groove of a schedule with school starting last week.