Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Break:: Part Two...

On Friday we went to The Gardner Village with our friends the Larkins! They came up from St. George! We had a lot of fun!!!

This is Delaney and Tess!

This is Jace and Cooper!

All of the kids went through the Hay Maze!

The boys rode the little horses!

Delaney and Tess got their hair colored!
I did get witchy eyes, but i don't have a good picture of them!

Have a good week!
(scroll down for Fall Break:: Part One)

Fall Break:: Part One...

We went to Utah's Hogle Zoo on Thursday! It was so much fun we were all excited to go! (even my dad...)

The elephants were first!!!! This little girl was so entertaining i could have watched her the whole time!!!! just as we were about to leave, her mom pooped and she started to EAT it!!!!! YEAH EAT IT!!!!! (i know GROSS) But she was cute anyways!!!

The monkeys were second they were fun and almost as entertaining as the baby elephant!!!!!

This baby giraffe is so dang cute!!!! i love it!!!!!

The tiger's fur (or whatever you want to call it...) was so beautiful!!! i loved it!!!

We had a really FUN time!!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yay A New Post!!!!!!

Hey everyone just checkin' in... hope all is well with everyone!!!!
Congrats to BYU on another Victory 38 to 28!!!!! (they played San Diego...)
We're enjoying our fall break and all of the pretty leaves changing colors!!!!
We have pictures of them on our camera,
but our pictures won't transfer to our computer...Bummer!!!!
(i'll work on that...maybe!!!)
We've had a fun time doing family activities, fall festivities, and watching baseball playoffs!!!! (hopefully we'll get them posted!!!!!)
Have a good rest of the night!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Congrats to BYU on an awesome victory last night!!! The score was 59 to 21!!!!!!!!!!!
I will add that my uncle Stephen Covey (# 12) was able to play at the very end!!!! ( not to brag or anything!!! haha!!!!!)