Sunday, October 24, 2010

just a new post

hey everyone im just updating 'cause we haven't in FOREVER!!! well i guess it hasen't been to long ago. we are just getting ready for halloween. boston is going to be a tiger, cooper is going to be a baseball player most likely (go figure, right), i (delaney) am going to be a fairy, and kenzie doesn't know what she is going to be yet. but we will get some pictures up after halloween.

here is an update on how everyone has been doing............

scott: doing work and loving it. helping coach coopers baseball as well and absolutely loving it!!

annette: being a stay at home mom still. loving staying at home with boston on tuesday and thursday.

mckenzie: doing school. and she is doing piano. such a responsible, girl as always though, right!:)

delaney: doing school. im doing piano and dance and i try to improve all the time on my activities.

cooper: he has fiished up the baseball season exept for the halloween tournement. and doing school.

boston: well i don't know what to say about him.........our little tiger, lion, dog, wolf, what ever kind of animal he is!!:) he does pre-school monday, wednsday, and friday and loves it.

we also just got back from san diego a week ago for UEA break. and wow it was super fun!!!!:) we went to the wild animal park and to the beach, 'cause i mean whats a trip to san diego without going to the beach. we got family pictures taken on the beach. thanks everyone that made it such a FUN trip!!!!:)

p.s. this is delaney

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Delaney!!!

Tomorrow is Delaney's birthday and to celebrate she invited a few of her friend to the house on Saturday and had a Tea Party. Lesley Sparks helped us by designing the CUTEST invitation for her event. Thanks so much Les it turned out cute. Kenz and Delaney decorated the back porch with the cutest turquoise and yellow ribbons, tablecloth and more. The dishes used came from Grandma Vest's collection and really might be about 60 or so years old.

Menu included: White chocolate dipped strawberries with turquoise and yellow polka dots, frozen lemonade, chicken sandwiches on yellow and turquoise bread, and fruit kabobs including grapes, peaches, strawberries and watermelon. Ooohhhh it was so delicious. The girls played a "Do you know Delaney game?" and had a riot. Here were the questions let's see how many of you know Miss Delaney.

1. What does she want to be when she grows up?

2. Is she a morning or night person?

3. Does she prefer summer or winter?

4. How many pairs of shoes does she have?

5. What is she going without during the year 2010?

Go ahead and take a stab at the answers. We got a kick out of some of them. Sure love our little Delaney and hope she has a fabulous number 11.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's New!!

Well, our computer is not cooperating hence the lack of posts!!!
We have lots to post about but I just don't know where to start!!
I have to start somewhere though.
We have been enjoying the summer but I for one am ready for school to start I know, REALLY??
But it's true:)
We'll see how this school year goes and hope it's FUN!!!
The summer has gone as follows::
A trip to Grammy's
FUN FUN FUN with friends
Hikin' the "Y"
A trip to St. George
Goin' to Seven Peaks
Another trip to Grammy's
Lagoon tomorrow
And St. George this weekend
We have had a fun summer and I'll do a real post about the summer in a few days or weeks;)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kenzie is a TEENAGER!!!!!

We can't believe that our cute little Kenz is a teenager today. Well, she always has had the desire to talk with the adults more than the kids and is a more responsible parent than her dad is most of the time.Cooper wanted to tell her to have a great one teenage girl and I hope that you come through with all of your goals this summer. I love you, Cooper. Boston simply couldn't live without his othermother. Kenz takes such good care of him and is a great example for him. We just looked at the clock and it says 11:22 pm the exact minute Kenz was born at Orem Community Hospital. Delaney wants to shout out and let her know she luvs to hang with friends and now that she's a full on teenager she can throw diva tantrums.

13 favorite things about McKenzie Vest

1. Great smile

2. Cute personality

3. Responsible

4. Excellent student

5. Dedicated

6. Loyal friend

7. Beautiful eyes(especially with her new contacts)

8. Hard worker

9. Obedient

10. Piano player extraordinairre

11. Her ***** are number 1

12. Positive attitude

13. Good at math and english

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother Dear, Oh How We Love Ya!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

1o of the most amazing things she is and does...
~Problem Solver
~Personal Hair Stylist
~Interior Designer

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Does that doggy have a home?

Tonight we were in the car and we passed a cute little puppy walking on the side of the road and Boston at first just said that he wanted the puppy and that it was lost and it was our lost puppy. Well, we thought nothing of it until about ten minutes later he started to cry and he told me that he wanted the puppy to have a home. My mom tried to calm him down but talking about the puppy made it worse. He started to say that it was lost and it wouldn't find it's home and then my mom said that it's home was just around the corner, but Bosti wasn't buying it. He finally said that the dog catchers would come and get the puppy and so I told him that there are nice and mean dog catchers and that the ones here are the nice ones. We then started talking about something else and he cheered right up! I love how much he loves animals and wants them safe (and in a home!!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Play, Vegas, and More Baseball!

This post contains many things but feel free to look it over!
Cooper's baseball team at their tournament in Vegas!! It was so much fun!

The whole cast from the play I was in,"The Perfect Princess Pageant". I had so much fun participating. I was the Fairy Godmother.

Me and Cinderella
(I needed a picture with my beautiful princess!)

Me and my Mom

This picture was at the mall in Vegas and we found this tent and me and Delaney sat on either side of Boston and kissed his cheeks! As you can see he was pretty excited about it!