Monday, October 8, 2007

Final Marathon?

Well friends and family, looks like another marathon has come and gone and I made it through without any major catastrophe's. I saw Cherry Lynn(Kenny's Mom who has walked the marathon for several years) across the street last night and hollered "I made it and still have all 10 toe nails in tact." The weather for the run was nice and actually quite chili at the start line. It worked out just fine though as I was quite bundled up during the first portion of the race. Kari and I stayed together for about 16 miles of the race and finally got our picture taken together after all these years. For some reason during the past 4 years we haven't been together to get a picture taken. We lost Leslie at the start line and couldn't find her during the whole race. I was so mad when I found out that we finished the marathon just one minute a part and didn't even get to enjoy it together.

My final time was 4:13 which ranks 2nd among my marathon finishes. I have been real consistent around that mark during my four marathons with the one exception when Scott ran with me in 04. I spent some time encouraging him along and we finished together at around the 4:30 mark. My sister-in-law Emily ran as well and did a great job.

I am always so thankful for the ability to exercise and how it improves my daily life. I always enjoy seeing my cute little children at the end of the race with smiles and marathon tattoos on their face. I sure love them and all of the support they provide to me.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fall is in the air

I was talking to my good friend Rachel Larkin last night at Cooper and Jace's soccer practice and she was bugging me about an update so here goes.

For everyone who lives in St. George, Mesquite or a desert climate as ours, fall is a welcome season especially after the summer heat. The weather is so beautiful in St. George and just in time to cool down for marathon weekend. I am excited to run this year but I'm truly considering it being my last. The idea of running half marathons is perfect for me.

Delaney was baptized over the weekend and it was such a wonderful thing. I am so thankful for opportunities like this as a family to see our children making good decisions in their lives. We took her to the temple to get her baptism pictures taken and I told Scott that the camera really loves that girl. She is so photogetic and looked so pretty in her white dress.

It's soccer season for Delaney and Cooper. We have so much fun watching their games. Cooper and his buddies are so funny when they score a goal. Last week Luke Orchard scored a few goals and each time he did he ran by the sideline with his hands out just like they do in the pro's. We had a great time and shared some good laughs.

McKenzie is learning to play the entertainer on the piano. It's such a cute little song and a great alarm clock for the whole family at 7:15 AM. She is certainly having fun with it.

Wish me luck this weekend with the marathon. I would really like to break the 4:00 hour mark if possible. Hopefully I can post my results after I'm finished or if I'm incapacitated Scott can do it for me.

Love to everyone!