Sunday, October 24, 2010

just a new post

hey everyone im just updating 'cause we haven't in FOREVER!!! well i guess it hasen't been to long ago. we are just getting ready for halloween. boston is going to be a tiger, cooper is going to be a baseball player most likely (go figure, right), i (delaney) am going to be a fairy, and kenzie doesn't know what she is going to be yet. but we will get some pictures up after halloween.

here is an update on how everyone has been doing............

scott: doing work and loving it. helping coach coopers baseball as well and absolutely loving it!!

annette: being a stay at home mom still. loving staying at home with boston on tuesday and thursday.

mckenzie: doing school. and she is doing piano. such a responsible, girl as always though, right!:)

delaney: doing school. im doing piano and dance and i try to improve all the time on my activities.

cooper: he has fiished up the baseball season exept for the halloween tournement. and doing school.

boston: well i don't know what to say about him.........our little tiger, lion, dog, wolf, what ever kind of animal he is!!:) he does pre-school monday, wednsday, and friday and loves it.

we also just got back from san diego a week ago for UEA break. and wow it was super fun!!!!:) we went to the wild animal park and to the beach, 'cause i mean whats a trip to san diego without going to the beach. we got family pictures taken on the beach. thanks everyone that made it such a FUN trip!!!!:)

p.s. this is delaney