Thursday, June 11, 2009

She's 12!!!!

I can't believe I have a twelve year old! Even though McKenzie has always been an adult locked inside of a child's body, it is crazy to think that my first little tiniest baby is 12. Kenz is such a sweet girl and has the best heart. She is very dedicated to her school work and did an amazing job transitioning into middle school this year. Kenzie is by far one of the best decision makers I know. She has always been able to tell right from wrong and never hesitates to make the right choices even if they are hard. She is an amazing example especially to her parents:) We lovingly like to refer to Kenz as the "Otha Motha" because she does such a fantastic job helping me with the kids. She babysits for me lots and never ever complains. I could never make it without my Kenzie Girl!

Her friend Taylor made her these cute posters and came and put them up while Kenzie was gone. The balloons were tied to Kenzie's "special brand" of skittles. She is so lucky to have such great friends.
For her party she did a scavenger hunt through downtown. We put Scott's creative mind to work and he wrote up all the cute clues. They had to do all kinds of fun tasks. the one above is of one of the teams singing Popcorn Popping on the stairs of the Tabernacle.
This one is of the girls doing the Miley Cyrus Hoedown in the middle of the fountain.
At the end, they all ended up at Blue Bunny for pizza and ice cream. The girls were absolutely darling and had such a good time.

We are so blessed to have such a sweet daughter and sister in our family.
We love you Kenz!!!!