Monday, June 7, 2010

Kenzie is a TEENAGER!!!!!

We can't believe that our cute little Kenz is a teenager today. Well, she always has had the desire to talk with the adults more than the kids and is a more responsible parent than her dad is most of the time.Cooper wanted to tell her to have a great one teenage girl and I hope that you come through with all of your goals this summer. I love you, Cooper. Boston simply couldn't live without his othermother. Kenz takes such good care of him and is a great example for him. We just looked at the clock and it says 11:22 pm the exact minute Kenz was born at Orem Community Hospital. Delaney wants to shout out and let her know she luvs to hang with friends and now that she's a full on teenager she can throw diva tantrums.

13 favorite things about McKenzie Vest

1. Great smile

2. Cute personality

3. Responsible

4. Excellent student

5. Dedicated

6. Loyal friend

7. Beautiful eyes(especially with her new contacts)

8. Hard worker

9. Obedient

10. Piano player extraordinairre

11. Her ***** are number 1

12. Positive attitude

13. Good at math and english