Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Play, Vegas, and More Baseball!

This post contains many things but feel free to look it over!
Cooper's baseball team at their tournament in Vegas!! It was so much fun!

The whole cast from the play I was in,"The Perfect Princess Pageant". I had so much fun participating. I was the Fairy Godmother.

Me and Cinderella
(I needed a picture with my beautiful princess!)

Me and my Mom

This picture was at the mall in Vegas and we found this tent and me and Delaney sat on either side of Boston and kissed his cheeks! As you can see he was pretty excited about it!


Katy and Rob Bodily said...

Looks like you guys have had a fun couple of weeks. You look really cute in your play Kenzie. We wish we could have seen you in it. That would have been fun. I hope you guys are enjoying the nice, spring weather. Hope to see you soon!

Brandi said...

Kenz you look adorable! I'm glad you had fun. I bet you did awesome. Wish I could have seen your play. :)