Thursday, April 22, 2010

Does that doggy have a home?

Tonight we were in the car and we passed a cute little puppy walking on the side of the road and Boston at first just said that he wanted the puppy and that it was lost and it was our lost puppy. Well, we thought nothing of it until about ten minutes later he started to cry and he told me that he wanted the puppy to have a home. My mom tried to calm him down but talking about the puppy made it worse. He started to say that it was lost and it wouldn't find it's home and then my mom said that it's home was just around the corner, but Bosti wasn't buying it. He finally said that the dog catchers would come and get the puppy and so I told him that there are nice and mean dog catchers and that the ones here are the nice ones. We then started talking about something else and he cheered right up! I love how much he loves animals and wants them safe (and in a home!!)